• Phillip Tompkins

When you can't reach the people that you once could

Way back before the internet was a thing (Yeah.. the internet hasn't always been here.) it was pretty simple to reach 80% - 90% of the customer base that you wanted to market to. You would get a TV commercial, a news paper ad, and a radio spot. Before 1995 this was the easiest way to market.

If you still market like you did in 1984 then you are missing out on an entire segment of the population. So how do you fix that? Do you just toss more money at it and hope it works? I don't recommend that. You want to brand your business over multiple marketing platforms by creating a universal marketing brand.

Creating a Universal Marketing Brand

You see this all the time by the big companies. a TV commercial matches up with the same structure as a YouTube ad, a Facebook ad, a billboard, sponsor the Indy 500, and a newspaper ad.

Often small businesses don't have the budget to market to all of those platforms by testing a new 'marketing' idea that someone had. That is where Coffee News can come in.

Imagine being able to design an Ad, test it out for several weeks or months, at the same price that some of the big media companies charge? Is it wise to drop $500 - $1000 on a 30 day billboard hoping that you get the results that you want?

Wouldn't it be nice so spend a fraction of that cost to test your Ad first before going universal with it?

That why people are using Coffee News to develop their underlining Ad campaign, verifying that it works how they want, and then make adjustments as needed.

After you have a working Ad with Coffee News you then take that Ad design and start expanding it to more expensive advertising platforms to increase your reach.

If you do this right, your customer base will expand, sales will roll in, and you'll have additional marketing dollars to continue your expansion into more expensive marketing platforms. The best part, you'll know your Ad is working and is proven so you are not just tossing money at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Let me help you.

Fill out the information below and I'll give you an instant quote on what it costs to advertise with Coffee News in the Greater Pittsburgh market.

Talk with you soon!


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