• Phillip Tompkins

When today's generation listens to yesterdays music

One think I love about Coffee News (R) is that we are FUN! We talk about fun things because otherwise we would be like the other news outlets and depress you. So let's stay fun Pittsburgh!

My wife stumbled upon two younger guys, maybe teens? Who are listening to yesterdays music for the first time and film their impressions of it. The first one I watched was this one right here. The review of Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight". You've gotta watch their reaction when the beat changes.

It's great to see the younger generation listening to some great music from my generation. I hope they jump back to some music from the 70's so we can see their reaction to the music. You can find them on YouTube, just search for "FIRST TIME HEARING" or visit their YouTube Channel by clicking here: TwinsTheNewTrend

For your enjoyment. The reaction to Phil Collins.

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