• Phillip Tompkins

Two Great Pittsburgh Area Coffee Shops

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

First let me start with this. There are WAY more than just 2 great Coffee Shops. I'm specifically here to talk about two of them.

The first is Curbside Coffeehouse in Blawnox. These ladies are full of energy and excitement every time you walk in the door. Parking can be challenging sometimes, but if you look around you'll always find a spot.

They do more than just Coffee, in fact they have a pretty nice menu of various salads, breakfast sandwiches, and they even have cookies. Oh, and if you are not a Coffee Drinker that's ok. They make a great hot chocolate!

The next gem I want to bring your attention to is Harvest Moon Coffee & Chocolates. This cute little coffee house is located at 206 Corbet Street in Tarentum. Like any great coffee house you'll find a wide range of outstanding coffee products plus chocolate! Yes, they make chocolate treats right in the shop. Hand dipped, small batch candy using some of the finest Belgian dark and milk chocolates around.

So the next time you are in either Blawnox or Tarentum, or you are simply looking for a different coffee house I want to recommend either of these two places. Both are locally owned and operated.

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