• Phillip Tompkins

Meat Market in Cheswick?

As I was talking with the owner of How SWEET It Is, Robert, in Cheswick about how things where going he mentioned a little meat market around the corner. He kept saying "Podmilsak" and I was like "What?" Robert said, to go down past the Exxon, turn right, you can't miss it. I still didn't understand the name of the place he was talking about,however, Google Maps knew exactly where this place was.

I pulled in not knowing what to expect. In front of me was an old fashioned neighborhood market that was already 4 generations family owned and operated! Founded in 1946 by John Podmilsak Sr it is now owned and operated by Todd Podmilsak.

I walked up to the meat counter and wasn't really sure where everything was. Behind the counter Todd stood waiting for me to figure out exactly what I wanted. Todd looked up and said "You've never been here before have you?"

Apparently since the entire COVID thing has hit our country I wasn't the only one looking for less crowed places to shop. Sales at this little shop where up and they were up a lot. "It's usually busier here" he said as I happen to probably stop by at the slowest time of day. While I placed my order a line started to form behind me. I knew I had to figure this out.

I order 2 pounds of bacon and 5 pounds of ground pork. I still didn't know where the bacon was until I finally saw it. Todd grabbed a large slab of meat, took it over to his slicer, and then asked me how thick I wanted the bacon.

Wait a second. He is not only going to cut the bacon right in front of me but I get a choice as to how thick I want my bacon? This was AWESOME! I had never experienced something like this before. After the bacon was cut he brought out a slab of pork, chunked it up, and then put it through his meat grinder.

Now I understood why I couldn't find the pack of bacon or the ground up sausage. It was cut to order. While I was there Todd also took two deliveries. The first one was from a local guy that sharpened all of Todds knifes. As the dropped off happened Todd grabbed the freshly sharpened meat cleaver, held it for a moment, and told him "This is the one I like". To my untrained eye the two meat cleavers looked identical, but to a professional like Todd there was a difference.

Podmilsak's has a lot more to offer. Fresh and canned vegetables and fruits as well as a wide array of other household staples. If you are ready for something that you just won't get at a Giant Eagle or Walmart then Podmilsak's is the place to go.

I can't wait to try that bacon tomorrow. Check out their website at Podmilsak's Market and when you stop by, grab your copy of Coffee News.

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