• Phillip Tompkins

Marketing like the powerhouses

How do the big companies do it? I'm happy you asked.

First let's take a look at a few of them. CocaCola. They've been around for what, 130+ years. When you see a red and white can anywhere in the world you know it's a Coke. For the most part in the 130 years they haven't changed their brand image. They've been consistent.

How about a company that has instilled trust in their brand. You know that when you order something from Amazon that if you don't like it you can return it AND they'll cover the return postage. Amazon has changed the market that people pay a subscription fee just to use their free shipping service. They've created such a high level of trust many people don't even bother looking at other websites anymore for their purchase.

The right companies also create a social community. Look at gaming manufacturer Sony. They have created an entire online community of friends that have specific interests. These people interact with one another over the internet constantly and through word of mouth they convince their friends to buy the same games they are playing.

Another company that has created a social community is Harley-Davidson. When you buy a new motorcycle you automatically are a member of an exclusive club, the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (HOG). You now get to ride with a group of people that share that same common bond, owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Being consistent, creating trust, and developing a social community of people that love and talk about your product are just three ways the big companies do it. I'd love to be part of your marketing team. Let me know how I can help you.

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