• Phillip Tompkins

Bob has owned Dairy Queen since 1983

One of my first distribution points was Dairy Queen in Natrona Heights. When I arrived with the paper I was blessed to sit down and share a meal with Bob, the owner of that Dairy Queen.

I strained and listened to Bob as he softly spoke about his business. He had purchased his Dairy Queen Franchise in 1983 after getting out of the printing business, yes I said printing business. Him and some business partners where printing Ad inserts for K-Mart and other large companies. Those inserts were placed in News Papers all over the country. At some point he was simply ready to move on to something different.

Long before all of the other fast food places arrived in the area Bob had his DQ. It was the hangout spot to be back then.

While in the middle of our conversation the store phone range. The manager brought over the phone. It was Bob's wife. You see, I'm not sure how old Bob is but I do know all he could say was "ok sweety", "love you", and "I'll be home soon". You would have thought that Bob was a newly wed the way his tender voice spoke.

As we continued our conversion Bob explained the reason his store was still in business was because he had an excellent manager working for him. A dedicated employee that truly cared about the business. With all of the drive through options now available it was clear to me that two things kept people coming back

  1. Great food and ice cream options

  2. Great people

People like Bob are still around in our neck of the woods. Sometimes it's hard to find them but when you do sit down and talk with them. They have a lot of knowledge to share and they want to see you succeed.

Next time you are in Natrona Heights, stop by and see if Bob is in. Then grab yourself some food and a Blizzard. You won't be sorry.

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