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A few months back I stopped at this small little Italian shop in Blawnox. As I look at the menu I notice something right away. It's like I stepped back into the 1980's looking at the menu and I absolutely loved it!

I ordered the Italian "Stalin" half hoagie, because what Rocky fan wouldn't? This little Italian shop is called La Pizza Bella located at 268 Freeport Road and is owned and operated by John. John opened his restaurant 15 years ago, back in 2005.

John told me he had been making pizza's since he was 11 years old and I believe it! The place always smells amazing when I drop of this weeks edition of Coffee News. He makes his own sauce and dough right in his restaurant.

John is also a big part of the local community. He has donated pizzas to different organizations. He is the exact type of person that every community wants. He always has a smile on his face and never seems to miss a beat.

I asked John how the Rocky theme came to be. He explained when he was trying to figure out the name for the next sandwich he was going to offer he thought about it. Well this one was going to be a meatball hoagie with hot sausage, grilled onions and peppers, sauce and cheese. "Balboa" became the name and as time continued he came up with "The Adrian" and "The Creed".

Next time you are in Blawnox and you are looking for something new to try, stop by and say hi to John. I've personally had the Balboa and the Stalin. They are both amazing.

Check out the menu: La Pizza Bella Menu

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