• Phillip Tompkins

3 Steps to your 2020 post COVID Business Restart

As doors are swinging back open across the United States businesses are trying to figure out what their next step is. Let me jump into what I believe are the top 3 items that every business needs to address as they reboot their business.

#1 - Your Business Plan

It's time to crack open that business plan that you wrote when you started your business. The market has changed in many industries. As you make changes to your business plan think about the clear strong points in your business. Those strong points are areas that you were able to maintain or exceed during the pandemic. Focus on how to continue to grow those.

#2 - Develop your Time Line for opening

Many businesses will just wing open their doors and say "We're back!". That may not always be the best way. Did you secure any additional financing that you might need? Have you spoke with your chamber of commerce to have a 'Grand Re-Opening' announcement? Are you able to reach out to the media with a Press Release to give them the nuts and bolts as to how you survived and that you are open once again?

#3 - Take a deep look at your Marketing Plan

People have started to change their habits. Many of my friends have stopped shopping at Walmart or other crowed locations. Chances are these lifestyle changes will affect many businesses. How can you market to those who have changed their habits? Do you need to invest in more social media marketing? digital billboards? or print advertising?

We only get one shot at this reboot. Let's make it count.

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